Face Micro needling, Quinoa + Face Masks: 5 Wellness Products We Are Loving This Week

A breakdown of our fave wellness products in our gym bags, tote bags, bathrooms and pantries this week.


Derma Micro needling RollerSince the beginning of 2024 I have been using this on my face once a week and I have notices a huge difference in the clarity and fullness of my skin. By causing microtraumas in your skin this roller helps to promote skin regeneration and collagen production.


GoGo Quinoa Flakes | Oats have been causing a bit of bloating for me lately (probably because I eat so many of them!). I have been looking for an alternative to them and found these! These quinoa flakes are amazing, they taste delicious and can be used just like oats! They do have a more bitter taste to them like quinoa does but with a scoop of Glow Protein added to them they make the perfect breakfast!


WECK Canning Jars | Sometimes you just want to drink a giant smoothie and you need a giant jar to put it in. These WECK canning jars are my favorite smoothie vessel for the days where a thick protein shake is on the menu for my post workout fuel!


Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Skin Barrier Moisturizing Mask | Living in Alberta is great for the mountains but not for our skin! It can get crazy dry here which is why I prioritize keeping my skin hydrated by doing a deep hydrating mask at least once a week. This mask has been my favorite so far and comes highly recommended!


Botanic Hearth Rosemary Hair Oil | After being on hormonal birth control for 2 years I had lost almost 1/4 of the hair on my head from hormone imbalances and stress. Since stopping it I have been on a journey to healing my hair and bringing it back to health. Rosemary oil has been a HUGE help to keeping my hair and scalp healthy while promoting growth!


We are not financially affiliated with any of these brands! These are genuinely products I love and use in my daily routines!


Happy Glowing!