premium quality supplements curated to ignite your glow.

"My vision is to empower others to embrace a balanced and thriving way of existence where wellness is at the core of their journey to a healther and more fulfilling life."

- Amita Massey, Owner/Founder

Glow Aminos
naturally sweetened aminos to help you live the glow stronger.

Glow Stronger.

A powerful blend of all nine essential amino acids to support muscle growth, recovery, and overall well-being.


over 30 superfoods in one scoop to help you glow brighter.

Glow Brighter

Unleash your inner radiance with over 30 superfoods to help you glow brighter from the inside out.

Glow Gang Love <3

"Probably the best vanilla protein I have ever had, Like I actually can not believe how good it is!"

Lucas Pashak, Amateur Boxer

The best tasting chocolate protein I have ever had!!! I use this product every day and can not live without it!

Sabrina Van Der Voet, IPE Pro Bikini Athlete

Your protein is probably the best I have ever tasted! I usually stay away from protein powders because I find a lot of them taste bad but yours literally tastes like icing!


I love that the protein is the perfect sweetness! I tried another brand for a bit but had to come back to Glow Body because it's so damn good!


When I run out of my cookies and cream protein I actually get sad ahah! I am OBSESSED with this amazing product and refer all my clients to it!

Christina Compentrini, Personal Trainer

I love my Glow Body protein! I drink it literally every day.

Jenna Tillbury, Personal Trainer

The Glow Aminos are the best ones to date. Perfect sweetness and super clean. I would highly reccomend them.


I had to interrupt my workout to tell you that these fuzzy peach aminos actually taste like I am drinking fuzzy peaches. My mind is blown.


From Our Founder