27g Protein, 5g Collagen, 1g Sugar

All Glow Body products are curated by us to provide you with the optimal blend of nutrients and supplementation.

Good things come to those who drink protein
Glow Stronger

Grass-fed New Zealand whey protein sweetened with monk fruit enhanced with collagen peptides.

The all nautral pre workout
Live the glow stronger

A powerful blend of adaptogens curated to make you glow a little stronger. We blend elk velvet antler with the mighty cordyceps mushroom to give you the ultimate pre-workout power up.


I've tried ALL the protien powders in the world and nothing worked for me like GLOW BODY!

Brandy N, Calgary AB

Honestly I have tried so many different protein brands and I have to say your glow body protein especially the vanilla flavour is absolutely amazingπŸ”₯

Angelo H, Calgary AB

Exceeded my expectations. I Feel so good knowing the protien is natural!

Brian H, Calgary AB
Empowering people to embody their inner strength

The glow stems from embodying your inner strength. Through Movement, nutrition and proper supplementation, everyone has the capacity to find their glow.

We Stand Behind our product!

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