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Glow Protein Super Pack

Why choose Glow Protein?

Your body has protein needs and we want to attend to them. After a hard workout, a night of restorative sleep or a big day at work your body is in need of vital nutrients to keep you glowing to your full potential. Glow Protein is made from 100% grass-fed whey isolate which is the purest form of whey available. Always sweetened with low glycemic sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit so you can ensure there are no extra calories or sugar. Not only is this a whey isolate but we also added 5g of bovine collagen peptides per scoop to give you more bag for your buck when it comes to consuming your protein shakes.


Yes collagen really is worth the hype! Countless studies have found the benefits of consuming collagen and its effects on promoting healthy hair, skin and nails. Not only is it great to bump up your glow it also has been found to enhance joint recovery, keep your tissues strong and gut lining happy! In each scoop of Glow Protein you are getting 5g of bovine collagen from grass-fed cows.


Whey protein per gram contains more leucine than many other protein sources. Leucine is an essential amino acid that regulates protein synthesis and tissue regeneration which has been seen to promote recovery post workout. Just one scoop of our protein contains 11g of leucine.


Grass-fed cows = happy cows. Glow Protein is made from 100% grass-fed New Zealand cows. Grass-fed cows are able to roam pastures and live freely grazing on grass year round. Healthier cows mean healthier milk and a reduced carbon footprint. With every bag of Glow Protein we are supporting grass-fed farming in hopes that one day factory farms and feedlots will be extinct.