"Today is the first day I looked in the mirror and actually felt good about the way I looked. Thank you so much!"

- Body By Glow Body Client

Are you ready to glow brighter and take charge of your health?

If you are tired of feeling sluggish, bloated, uncomfortable in your body and confused about what and when to eat then you came to the right place!

Stop following fad diet advice on social media

Have workouts scheduled and designed for you

Have 1-on-1 support from a coach to ensure you are progressing towards your goals every week!


Science Backed Workouts

Build lean muscle and burn body fat simultaneously with Glow Body's science backed workouts.

Nutrition That Works With You

The best diet is the one you are going to follow. We work together to create a nutrition plan that works with your lifestyle for optimal results.

Expert Accountability

Weekly check-ins and direct access to your coach to ensure you are staying on track with your program and goals.

Life-long Health

Develop skills to achieve life long and sustainable health and wellness.

Weekly Check-ins

Get feedback on your progress and individualized suggestions to further your progress week to week.

Supplement Optimization

Optimize your path to your Glow Body body with discounts on supplements and a plan to get you the best results.

"It feel so nice to go to the gym and actually have energy and know what I am doing! Also Amita's nutrition plans are so easy to follow! I can eat the foods I love, fuel my body properly and I don't want to binge eat at night anymore."

- Sydney

Body By Glow Body training is the program that...

  • is customized to your body and goals
  • gives you sustainable nutrition plans
  • gets you strong and fit as hell
  • leaves crash diets and hours of cardio at the door!


"Usually shopping for a bathing suit is an extremely daunting task because I absolutely hate how I look. But today I went bathing suit shopping and it took me five minutes to find something I liked and loved the way I looked in it. I have you to thank for that and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you."


"I was definitely lost before committing to getting guidance with Amita. She helped me shape a new lifestyle around fueling my body to perform at the highest possible level. I couldn't be happier with the results: more food, more energy, and a better lifestyle!"


With Amita's help, I gained about 8 pounds of muscle and am down to 14 % body fat in about 3 months. The workouts were all based on an hr or so and were different at all times. I had several old injuries and weaknesses and she altered the exercises almost instantly. I can't emphasize enough how effective her workouts are! Amita knows her stuff and was great to work with! I got my money's worth!


"OKAY you've got me so f$%&ing confident in my bathing suit on this trip. My body is a 10/10 "


"This has got to be the most toned my arms have every been"


"Amita I am in love with my shoulders"


Start Glowing Brighter

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